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Unframed print of Poison Hemlock (Conium maculatum). Printed on recycled eco friendly 100 lb paper. 4x6 inch postcard size/mini print.


An extremely poisonous plant. In the carrot family, it's a good plant to know the distinguishing features which separate it from others. When in doubt, never interact with a plant you aren't a thousand percent sure you know which it is and what it's constants do to the body.


Key identifying features:

-The blood of Socrates - purple/red splotches on its stem which looks like a persons blood splattered on it. A helpful allegory to remember is that the Philosopher, Socrates, was sentenced to death for being a heretic and the poison used to execute him was from

-Poison HemlockIt's stem is smooth, as compared to Queen Anne's Lace (edible look alike) has hairy stemsIt's umbelled flower is more round than Queen Anne's Lace, QAL flowers are more flat

-No lacey bracts under the flower like Queen Anne's Lace

-Never has a red dot in the center of flower like Queen Anne's Lace, however, QAL red dot can very frequently be absent

-After seeding Queen Anne's Lace flowers form a birds nest structure, Hemlock does not

Great for putting on your wall or for writing a letter to your friend in the mail. Tape some pressed flowers on it to make it extra cute & personal, makes you connect w/ a human on an earthling level, we need more of that.

Keep them for yourself to appreciate plants in your environment more, they're cute as shit, next time you see the plant in person you will light up! Then when you get home you'll give the print a little side eye telepathically sharing your encounter with its kind. How freakin' magical your life will be!

The perfect gift for plant lovers, herb nerds, nature nerds, herbalist, hippies, hikers, campers, reusable water bottle enthusiasts, botanists, wildcrafters, farmers, permaculture farmers *especially them, love them,* scientific illustrators, you know...the usual suspects.
...Wait, you're buying this for yourself aren't you, that.

These are remastered vintage illustrations from old dead guys (& some pioneering women *respect*).


Colors may vary slightly from screen due to monitor settings

Copyright 2023 Yellow Backpack Project LLC

Poison Hemlock Print | Conium maculatum Print 4x6 Print

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