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Welcome to Yellow Backpack Project!

On a mission to connect people with nature by shifting peoples perspective of their environment and strengthen bonds with our natural world. 

While working towards an environmental education board game I've decided to launch other products for nature nerds to help fund a solid Kickstarter launch.

Purchases help support a guy who's into the natural environment pursue his dreams of bringing cool plant and nature things to others, while also supporting good causes.


My large flower presses when purchased, fund a medium sized flower press to be donated to a local library of your choice, and all other purchases help support local environmental education and community building. 

Many cool things are in the works so please follow me on social media, and more importantly since creators don't control those platforms, subscribe to my email list, please. (I'm one person w/ no time to spam you or sell your info lol)

Thank you for stopping by : )

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