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Sticker of Comfrey (Symphytum officinale). A wonderful plant for your garden, creating bountiful mulch as it grows and grows. Pollinators love it. It has an illusive familiar scent i've been struggling to have a lightbulb moment for so if you know, tell me what you think it smells like, please!


Many notable figures in history love borage for its ability to lift your spirits, most notably; Francis Bacon, John Gerard, & Henry The Eighths last wife Catharine Parr. Pliny The Elder said Borage to be a the nepenthe, mentioned in Homer, which caused forgetfulness when mixed with wine.

Put it on your water bottle, laptop, phone, use in crafts, scrapbooking, put it on the wall of a bathroom, on your car, the electric companies utility box, traffic signs, luggage, put in your apothecary, any and all the fun places stickers can go.

The perfect gift for plant lovers, herb nerds, nature nerds, herbalist, hippies, hikers, campers, reusable water bottle enthusiasts, botanists, wildcrafters, farmers, permaculture farmers *especially them, love them,* scientific illustrators, you know...the usual suspects.

2.5 inches in height
1.5 inches in width

These are remastered vintage illustrations from old dead guys (& some pioneering women *respect*).

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Comfrey Sticker | Symphytum officinale Sticker

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